Thursday, January 29, 2009


Ok, so I tried to make nice and whatever, this is the fucking response I get back from him...

First off between 6:30 and 8:30 isnt going to work for me. Im 8 hrs ahead of you. So do the math. Not gonna happen. I would also like to say that i personally dont think me callin to talk to him will make a difference. The whole thing about the study, yeah thats great. I was told unless the baby already has an idea of who you are just a voice isnt going to do shit.When i say i will call from time to time, trust me it wont be every week. It will be when i can get here to make a phone call. I also dont give a shit if you feel like your loosing your mind. Lets get it straight, i dont care about anything but Ryland. What your going through or anything alse pertaining to you is not a thought or a care for me. You have persistantly pushed buttons and have stressed out alot of ppl. You talk about being a grown woman, to bad you dont always act like one. Its funny to me that Dawn always complains to me about how i stress her out. I told her that the only time she says that is after she talks to you. I wonder if there is some connection there. Yeah, i really think, i mean know there is. I also think she is going to start realizing that to. I suggest you leave everyone else alone, let them live there lives and just focus on doing the job of being a mother. I dont need to be told how to be a father. Thanks i will figure it out on my own. If i do need help, i have plenty of family members that know everything i would need to know about kids. Thanks.

Ugh!! I hate him!!! Seriously, sometimes I wish he'd just get shot and never come home...I know that sounds awful...but UGH he has caused nothing but stress in my life from day 1.

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