Thursday, January 22, 2009

Hmm....bandwagon, I'm jumping on!

So I'm finally joining the blogosphere. Unwillingly springerish is the blog name because my life is always and has always been very Jerry Springer/Maury-ish and usually rather unwillingly on my part. The last year has been no exception. Brief summary of late 2007-all of 2008
December 2007- found out I was pregnant, told my family on Christmas to which my mother exclaimed "are you fucking crazy?!?!" Nice mom. Moved into a new house. Started going to BBC every day.
January 2008- Finished moving into new house. Continued going to BBC everyday and was now a part of a group that would later come to be known as the Lion's Den.
February 2008- Stopped letting Kaiden's father see him. Started going to doctor's appointments for new pregnancy.
March 2008-Put my mom's dog Dado to sleep. This was one of the hardest things I've ever done in my life. I still miss him. We all still smile when a random, God only knows where it came from, tuft of dog hair will show up on the floor at mom's house. He's still there with us. :D
April 2008-Found out I'd be having another little boy!!
July 2008-Found out that Ryland's (baby I was pg with) dad had gotten another girl pregnant and that she was due in late Feb/early March 09. This was 2 weeks before I gave birth. Convinced the doctor to induce me so his dad could be there when he was born. We also moved in with my mom because a raccoon broke into the air vents in my house and at 9 months preggo I was a bit more than terrified at the thought of it breaking into the actual house itself. Rabies + Preggo = no bueno!
August 2008-Had my baby boy Ryland Grey on August 1, 2008 at 6:24pm. He weighed in at a whopping 9lb 6oz and was 21" long! Head full of dark brown curly hair and I was in love with him instantly! His father and I decided to try to work things out. That lasted for about 2.5 seconds. It was just a bad idea to say the least.
September 2008-Started talking to an old friend from HS and fell madly in love with him. Planned on getting married and the whole 9 yards.
October 2008-His wife called me. Yup. His wife. Didn't know he was married. Could have killed him!!!
November 2008-The aforementioned Lions Den that I was friends with and loyal to a fault to kicked me out for "hard evidence" of crimes I committed that weren't true and never really took place. But hell, who cares. A few wonderful women on there stuck up for me and I still love dearly to this day. You know who you are. ;D My boys and I also moved out of my mothers house this month. Just days after the rug was pulled out from under me. And for some of you you may think it odd that what happened with the LD affected my life so much, but what you should understand is that they were an integral part of my life for nearly a year. Every up and down, struggle, tear, happiness, pissed off moment, laugh, you name it, it was all on there and shared with those women who I counted as my closest friends.
December 2008-Went to Adam's parents house for T-day/Christmas with Ryland. Met Adam's new girlfriend. Then found out about a week later that she too was pregnant. Hmm....making up for lost time??? I think so! We also got the child support squared away, thank God for that!
January 2009-While sitting and talking to my excellent and superbly supportive bestie Amanda, she asked me if I had started dating again. I said I had, and that I was finding lots of frogs, but no princes. :( So she posed the question "Want me to find you someone?" and that is where I'll begin the actual blog...


  1. LOL ! I LOVE your blog name!!! Catchy!!!

  2. HEY! welcome to the world of Blog.. lol!!!

  3. I loved the summary of your life so I feel like I'm caught up and ready for the future reading :)