Friday, January 30, 2009

Hmm...guess she IS pregnant...

And to top it all off she sent me a really nice email....umm...yeah....right!

Ok YOU wanna get real lets get REAL!!!!, First of all why dont you and TINA tell me how i faked that! Hope you two enjoy the picture. So much for doing whats best for the kids huh Janice? since my child is fake!!! I never did a fucking thing to either one of you. You may have your issues with Adam but i was never a part of them. I have always told him i was not a part of it and to make his own chioce and i would respect whatever choice he made. I was never anything but polite and respectful to either of you. And i dont owe either one of you a fucking thing, I owe you NO explanation or proof of anything! And i most of all have nothing to prove to Anyone. So since the to of you are so hell bent on putting my name in your mouths so often i am 14 weeks and 3 days pregnant. I'm sure between the 2 of you smart ones yur smart enough to do that math on that one, and figure out that Adam was home and living with me at that point in time. I am sorry if i offened you with a liltte stick figure. A real women would'nt have been so easily offened! My ONE and ONLY intention with that was to include EVERYONE. You yourself are the one that pointed out that you were afraid that now that i was in the picture and my new fake baby that i made up that Ryland was going to be forgot about. I was only trying to show that WAS NOT and WOULD NOT be the case by any means at all. I was in NO way trying to call any kind of dibs over him or say he was anything more to me at this point then the man i love son! i was never trying to take your place nor would i have ever tried to do that. I am after all a Single mother of 3, and i know by every means of the word how important that is. I wouldnt try to take that from anyone. But for some reason you and Tina have decided to take out an all on war on me, complete with a personal attack on the kind of person i am. Were the fuck either of you think you have ANY right at all i have no fucking clue. You wanna talk about over stepping your bonds. You two jump over that bitch and then stomped all the fuck over it. But thats cool you two wanna war? game on!!! And for you of all people to talk shit about me you would'nt have shit right now if it was'nt for me i was the one that found the lawyer and went to all the appt.s and dealt with all the phone calls, and informed adam of everything he needed to get for the lawyer and made sure he had it. Just to make sure your ass got child support to make sure that baby was takin care of, because if you remember right Adam was in NO postion to do so. SO your welcome to your oh so in greatful ass. You two can now remove my name from your mouths. I will no longer wish to be a part of all this childish high school bullshit. I mean grow the fuck up all ready. "Adults" do not judge others nor talk shit behind ones back. Just on the intent of trying to figure out how your tiny brains work i'm wondering what would be my purpose for lying about being pregnant. I do NOT want anything from adam nor will i ever. I have never taking anything from him at all no matter what it my be not one penny, not help, not anything. Despite his continuious offers to attemp to help i have taken nothing. I have paid for everything myself and done everything myself! Can you say that........ Thats what i thought! And unlike you i dont have a mommy to run to nor a daddy for that matter. I have myself. So now that the two of you have made Adam completely miserable i hope you two are totally proud of yourselves. Besides that when i have to get the same paternity test that you yourself had to have (being as thats army law) and it shows what we both fully knew and never questioned, YOU BOTH CAN KISS MY FUCKING ASS!!!!!! By the way dont waste your time responding. Because i will not waste my time reading it, i will delete it with no regaurd for you at all. I mean i think you both only deserve the same respect you have shown me..... Goodbye and Good day!!!
Whatever...maybe if she hadn't been so busy trying to make sure that Adam was spending time with her and her kids instead of with his REAL child I would have gone a little easier on her. Maybe. BUT! Seeing as how she didn't, fuck her. And judging by her myspace she left him. Again. What is this the 5th time they've broken up since October when they started dating?! Talk about high school bullshit, THAT is some high school bullshit! She knew about both me and dawn in October, what did she think she was getting into? A peaceful little commune where everybody has Adam's babies and holds hands and sings fucking Kumbayah?! I don't think so! When you have 3 babies mama's in less than 12 months...shit isn't going to be fucking rainbow's and butterflies! I mean really, did he think he wasn't going to have a lot of shit blow up in his face? All the lies, manipulation, deceit, and just general bad behavior was gonna catch up with him sooner or later and it just got him sooner than he ever thought possible. But he can't stand to look bad..."OH NO! People will think I'm a piece of shit, which I am, but for people to actually think that! :O Banish the thought!" Now he's saying that there's going to be hell to pay when he comes home. The only hell he's going to pay is when he realizes that he has NO rights to Ryland. None. And he should know that, he doesn't even have control over his own money right now.
Oh, and to clarify, Tina is Adam's older sister. She had emailed me telling me that she also didn't think Dana was pg. I told him I wasn't the only one who thought she was faking it and he pestered and pestered and peseterd as to who it was until I finally cracked and told him. She's pissed at me, but he would have found out eventually and I'm tired of all the secrets!!!
And to top it all off Adam tried to tell me that I need to leave Dawn alone and quit talking to her because I am stressing her out, not him. Oh no, never him! So I called and asked her last night about it. She said it was absolutely NOT me stressing her out. That it had ALWAYS been him causing the stress and that she was glad I told her stuff because if I didn't she would have been completely in the dark about all his lies and deception. So there jackass! Don't be jealous just because I will know Addison better than you ever will. That's your own damn fault. It's called a fucking condom. Use it, know it, love it Bitch!


  1.'ve got babymama drama like I do. Welcome to the club :)

  2. Wow, i need to read your blog more often...

    ""Adults" do not judge others nor talk shit behind ones back." --- LMAO! You should send her into the den. The'd get along fabulously.