Thursday, February 12, 2009

Men, Monsoon's, and Meetings, oh my!

So, it's been a minute since I blogged. Dawn is due in 15 days, and I'm really excited to meet Ry's little brother Addison! Is that weird? Well, even if it is, I don't care! She and I have become really good friends and we're there for each other, because really, we know Adam won't be and we want the boys to know each other. The new baby that's due in July...honestly, I could care less because I despise it's mother. I think she's manipulative and deceptive and I don't trust her as far as I can throw her. Which is not that far! She of course now has her default pic on myspace set as her ultrasound picture and her new myspace name is "fakin bacon pimp shit" of course spelled with all the really cool upper case, lower case, ! instead of an I, and a $'re 32 and you still do that shit? Anyway. Since I last blogged they broke up and got back together twice...(and I'm the immature one? please!) Oh, and you know how she's supposedly on bed rest? Well...her status lately has been things like, had a long day at work....I'm so tired!, Back to work tomorrow! The weekends aren't long enough! etc, etc, etc....really now....bed rest means no work....I was on bedrest with Kaiden and threatened it when I was pg with Ry...NO WORK...very interesting....but oh well, Adam's dumb enough that he won't question it. He thinks with his dick. Always has, always will.

Moving on....

Work is going really really well. I had my yearly review last week and my boss was very pleased with the work I've been doing and really complimented me on how much I've improved over the last year. (I started where I am as the assistant property manager and 2 months later we got bought out by the company I work for now and I moved up to Property Manager.) When I started I didn't know Jack. The previous manager didn't really tell me much about the financial aspect of the business or auction procedures and a lot of things the previous company did was illegal and wrong, and I didn't know. So, everone just assumed I knew and I had to figure almost all of it out on my own, plus learn all new software, and I was pregnant and I moved, and yeah, it was a nightmare. So we discussed my future goals with the company. I told him that I want to move up into a marketing position at the home office eventually. He said that if that's what I want he's going to help me get there. So this week we had our quarterly meeting in Indy. ( I got a full night's sleep!! Yay!!!) We have a new property manager, Karen, who is older than time and by the end of yesterday I wanted to punch her. She's old, but I wanted to punch her. And here's why:

We had a brainstorming session/challenge where we were divided into 4 groups and everyone had a different challenge to come up with a solution to where money was no object. Ours was how to get more people in the door, LeAnn was the one writing everything down, I was the speaker, and LeAnn and I were the ones coming up with EVERYTHING while Karen shoots everything down. 'Well we don't have anything in LaPorte. That wont work.' A constant barrage of no, no, no, stupid, hate it, no, no, negative, life sucks, eat shit and get the picture. So finally I looked at her and I'm like "look, we cannot just focus on YOU we have to focus on everyone's properties. We've got 5 minutes left and we've got nothing. Be quiet and quit shooting everything down!" We ended up coming up with a great idea that everybody loved that Karen claimed "just would never work." Kiss it ya old bat!

So after the meeting I went and met Autumn, the girl who sued me almost 4 years ago and I was on judge judy with, at a local bar. Her father passed away last year and he was awesome and they were very close. I found out and sent her a myspace message sending my condolences and we both decided that the past was the past and we wanted to reconnect and catch up with each other. It was so much fun! I missed hanging out with her so much!

So I left Indy around 5:15...during, apparantly, monsoon season in central Indiana! I mean, it was awful!! Stop lights out everywhere, traffic backed up forever! It took me almost 2 hours to get out of Indy! And I wasn't even downtown! I was on 96th St.!! I got back to Elkhart and got my kids at 8:40, packed them up, drove home, pulled into my complex and went "DAMNIT!!!"
No power. No fucking power. So I ran in, lit a candle, gathered up clothes and diapers and such and went BACK to my moms and stayed the night there. Yeah, fun.

Today I get to work and Microsoft has updated my computer, and in the process, severely effed it up! Got it fixed, but for a second there I was panicking hardcore!

So life's been interesting, as usual, but good. Oh yeah, we got cable and all that at home now! So now when Kaiden is irritating the holy bejesus out of me, I can just turn on the Imagination Movers and he's in a whole other world! Score!

Well...that's it for now...happy blogging!!

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