Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Really now....

So, some interesting things have happened lately....

First, there was this tenant who I always had a thing for, but him being a tenant, I never made my move lol, well last week he moved out...after he walked out I thought to myself, I should look him up on myspace...I didn't want to seem like a stalker, so I didn't. Then that night after I put the boys to bed I got online and lo and behold...he had looked me up! Score! I thought that was rather ironic. So clearly there's something there.

So, fast forward a few days and 3 days after he gets my number and says he'll get ahold of me...nothing I shoot him a little note on myspace saying that I was disappointed that he no longer wanted to do naughty things with me...he of course responded saying that he didn't do naughty things, he was a well behaved young man...but that he seriously had been thinking about doing naughty things with me for awhile. So I told him to get on the ball because I never stay single for long! He responds with this...

Sounds like we are pretty much both on the same page. My only question is what do you want from this?? Is this just 2 adults enjoying each others company, or are you after something serious?

So I tell him the truth. That if he wants something serious, I can try, but can't promise that I'll be able to dedicate the time to a full blown relationship at this time. And that if we're just gonna hang out and it turns serious, great, if not, that's fine, but that either way it'll be fun because damnit I'm fun! But really, I'd quite like to rape the hell out of him! :)

He read it...and didn't respond...grrr...I hate that!

So then, I'm doing a lease at work today and one of my tenants (an older black man, about 60 or so) walks in with a bag and sits it down on my desk. I look and there are flowers in said bag. I'm like, "oh are those for me? Thanks!" He tells me yeah, it's for st. patricks day. Weird, but ok. So he leaves, and like an hour later I remember so I look in the bag. Flowers, Juice, Raisins, and a card. Yeah, you can't make this shit up. Apparantly I need some more fiber in my I read the card. It says, and I quote, typos and all (with a few interjections from me):

Hello! Beautiful, I know we talk a little at your office about a lot of things, I was just curious if you could use a special friend in your life at this time. (special friend, like a doll? not quite.) You've been saying your a single parent and I am single, maybe you would like to have someone around who would say and do nice things for and to you. (Did you catch that last part? The "to you". Can I just say that gave me the huhhhs.) Some things about me, I am an Industrial engineer out of work, drawing benefit checks until the economy picks up. I have 5 degrees in business and technolgies. From Chicago and living here in Elkhart for 4 years. My last girlfriend is in jail for none payment of child support, she's white with 4 kids and I don't know when she gets out.

He signed it and included his cell phone number.

You don't believe me? Here's a picture of me with my juice and raisins! Gotta love that fiber!!!

In other news, the bear got his first tooth yesterday! Oh, and Kaiden destroyed his tv, it won't even turn on. How he did it, I have no idea, but he did! So now, he goes to sleep with no movies. That first night was rough, but after I told him he didn't get to cry about something that HE did, it's been ok. I told him that even thought mommy COULD get him a new TV, she won't. He went to bed with absolutely no problems last night. This could be the night time salvation I've been looking for all along!

Pictures of the bear:

Bananas are my favorite!!!

I'm trying to crawl mom!!

And I've started on Ultra 90...I'll keep you all abreast of how that far so good! Oh, and I'm also starting the curly girl hair method, also known as no-poo! (no shampoo ya sickos!)

Til next time!

xoxo- Janice


  1. I'm pretty much speechless about your special love note. Wtf was the point of the last part, about his white girlfriend being in jail?!?
    I enjoyed the picture of you with your goodie bag treats, but I think your next goal should be to snap a pic of the potential suitor :)

  2. OMG how funny!!! I totally agree with april!

    Yay for Ry's tooth!!!

  3. HAHAHA lol That's funny April!! I did have to come back and read like, three times

    Janice, love all the photos!!!!